CASE STUDY: Helping create the perfect home for Christmas


Case Study – All client details are confidential.


To help a very busy time poor business owner, get her home ready for Christmas.

Time: 1 day of clearance, organising & decorating

Work Completed

  • Declutter of the lounge, including taking items from the lounge and relocating the correct bedrooms & cupboards
  • Working to sort out business paperwork & creating a storage and filing system
  • Tidying of surfaces in the lounge & office
  • Creating a relaxation area for all the family in the lounge.
  • Creating a space for the Christmas Tree
  • Gathering together all the decorations & preparing for the delivery of the tree.
  • General Kitchen tidy up.

We all have that image in our heads of what our perfect Christmas will look like, but we put ourselves under immense pressure to achieve it. In this case study this was doubly true as the home was disorganised & cluttered, but as an extremely busy business owner & Mum time was in very short supply. In addition, there was very little help available or willingness to tidy up by her children. As a result, a decision was made to seek help.

I focused on clearing the lounge & dining room first as this was where the family desperately needed a place to relax & enjoy the festive season. With some decluttering or extra items, organisation of the space and making sure everything had a place to be put away; i was able to make a considerable difference to the living space. The sense of space and calm was noticeable and was the perfect backdrop to start bringing in the Christmas decorations.

Ongoing Assistance

We agreed that this would become an annual appointment as this had been such a positive experience for the client.

Rachel says…

As a really busy business owner & Mum, the client simply didn’t have the time or headspace to get her home ready for Christmas. We all have an image in our head of the perfect Christmas home with everyone relaxing around the tree, but there wasn’t time to make this happen. Understanding the need to get help, she called me in and as well as helping get the home ready, we managed to tackle so much more helping to relieve some of the stress she was under. We worked methodically through each area, making her vision a reality and putting systems & organisation in place to help to keep it that way.

The Client Says …

Having Rachel in really took a weight off my shoulders. It was an incredible investment for me changing my feelings of overwhelm to positivity. She helped me create the perfect home for Christmas for all my family.

It was an incredible investment for me changing my feelings of overwhelm to positivity.

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